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Teases for "denial".

A Year Of Denial - Day One - Thumbnail
Sub-Routine • 01/02/2011 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!A Year Of Denial - Day One

It's going to be a long year.
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Femdom mistresses playing with your mind - Thumbnail
eMKa888 • 05/13/2014 • 3.9

FlashTeaseFemdom mistresses playing with your mind

This tease is for all those into light pain, femdom and edging. Different outcomes (denial/cumming/ruining/painful orgasm/...) - 300 pictures of mistresses
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Day 15 - Your First Stroking Session - Thumbnail
Sub-Routine • 01/15/2011 • 4.3

Day 15 - Your First Stroking Session

If 15 days is an eternity, what does that make 365?
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Bead Game on Mars - Thumbnail
cactusman • 11/29/2006 • 3.5

Bead Game on Mars

Your sexy astronaut partner plays a game with you, while you two are alone on Mars. In the game you only get to cum when you pay a negotiated price in beads, and you only get 4 beads per week.
Torture Cell Jerk - Thumbnail
rbtheservant • 01/22/2011 • 2.5

FlashTeaseTorture Cell Jerk

You are secured to a chair in an isolated cell. You have one free hand to masturbate with when ordered by your captors.
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Chastity Lock Up (Random release) - Thumbnail
eMKa888 • 07/07/2014 • 3.9

FlashTeaseChastity Lock Up (Random release)

For all the chastity lovers without a real keyholder. If you love the idea of chastity but have no one locking you up , then you should check out this flastease
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Here to make you squirm - Thumbnail
ginjon • 07/20/2008 • 3.8

Here to make you squirm

Passage of Pleasure - Thumbnail
PleasureTorture • 11/24/2014 • 2.9

FlashTeasePassage of Pleasure

An instructional teasing game for females. Lots of edging and denial as you try to escape the hotel of erotic torment.
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I got your cure 7 - Thumbnail
dnastyone601 • 09/30/2009 • 3.7

I got your cure 7

Back to the clinic for your task!
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You Will Hurt when you Cumm - Thumbnail
vampyre2007 • 07/04/2011 • 3.5

You Will Hurt when you Cumm

This Tease is not for the faint of heart. you will be asked to do several things. DO NOT open this tease if you are NOT willing to FOLLOW all of the INSTRUCTIONS and DO NOT open if you do NOT have gf.
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Orgasm Denial With Jess - Thumbnail
phonesexjess • 10/26/2009 • 2.6

Orgasm Denial With Jess

cock tease and orgasm denial by Jess, aka Jessica the naughty girl next door
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Wanking the Blues away  - Thumbnail
mistressxxxxxx • 10/03/2011 • 3.8

Wanking the Blues away

Ms. Jones (AKA) Mistress Jones Domination.
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Follow her to the bathroom! - Thumbnail
bluebaby • 11/23/2009 • 3.5

Follow her to the bathroom!

Jenny's in the bathroom (a walk in.)
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7 Day Tease & Denial  - Thumbnail
Goddess Josephine • 11/17/2011 • 2.3

7 Day Tease & Denial

My intention is to own your cock. You know you need me. Now you must prove yourself with the ultimate test.
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The Church of submission - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 03/06/2010 • 3.3

The Church of submission

Sister Eve shows you the way
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You Are a Sissy pt. 4 - Thumbnail
tease_this_sissy • 04/11/2012 • 4.0

You Are a Sissy pt. 4

Part 4 of You Are a Sissy. Princess Ariel is working on turning you into the perfect sissy slut. Today she calls you into her room for lots of edging, ass fucking, and a chance to cum.
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Madam Alexa and Slave Charlie - Thumbnail
MadamAlexa • 05/28/2010 • 2.9

FlashTeaseMadam Alexa and Slave Charlie

Viewed 8680 times • Report
Turning You - Thumbnail
subbyboy • 04/28/2012 • 3.6

Turning You

Cartoon Femdom
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A Laundry Fan's Dream Come True (a classic) - Thumbnail
Ford • 09/28/2010 • 3.8

A Laundry Fan's Dream Come True (a classic)

From the Classics archive.
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So Sorry - Thumbnail
amberlynn • 06/28/2012 • 3.5

So Sorry

Hey it's Mom's friend stopping by" MILF
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Guess her muff. - Thumbnail
sklavealex • 01/13/2013 • 4.2

FlashTeaseGuess her muff.

Can you guess how a babe keeps her muff based on how she dresses? Guess Her Muff and see if you are right. If you guess right you can stroke your cock to the bonus pictures. Multiple endings.
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Truth or Dare? - Thumbnail
sxxx_fxxx • 12/23/2010 • 4.0

FlashTeaseTruth or Dare?

A game of truth or dare, containing a variety of different fetishes.
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Moving in with Jade - Thumbnail
longjohnsilver5 • 02/10/2013 • 3.6

Moving in with Jade

Having been caught surfing porn at Work, Jade decided to make you her bitch. She has made you move in as her slave
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My Little Ass Boy [part 1] - Thumbnail
sxxx_fxxx • 12/28/2010 • 4.2

FlashTeaseMy Little Ass Boy [part 1]

Anal teasing, a bit of orgasm denial, with opportunities at the end to cum.
Viewed 49732 times • Report
Jenna's House of Mistresses - Thumbnail
eMKa888 • 04/27/2013 • 4.3

FlashTeaseJenna's House of Mistresses

A maze of 46 rooms with challenges in EACH room! A lot of edging, stroking and story telling, .... (and if you want light-pain) 40 different mistresses with each their own story.
Viewed 37780 times • Report
House Of Fun [Level 1] - Thumbnail
sxxx_fxxx • 12/28/2010 • 4.0

FlashTeaseHouse Of Fun [Level 1]

You find yourself in a house; The house of fun. You must find the stairs traveling through a mappable maze of rooms, performing a task in each one you go through. Part 1 of 3
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mistress needs you to prove yourself before she takes your load - Thumbnail
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House of fun [Level 2] - Thumbnail
sxxx_fxxx • 12/28/2010 • 4.1

FlashTeaseHouse of fun [Level 2]

You are on the second floor,where there are many opportunities to cum. But do you want to cum before you find your way out of the house?You may regret it. password required from level 1
Viewed 23670 times • Report
Public Humiliation & Orgasm Denial without getting caught - Thumbnail
slavecaro • 03/17/2014 • 4.1

Public Humiliation & Orgasm Denial without getting caught

long tease with fear of getting caught. Feminization,Indoor,outdoor,cum eating, diapers,piss,denial,edging,public&private humiliation,crossdressing,webcamchat, urethrainsertion,cbt,chores
Viewed 25461 times • Report
House of Fun [Basement - HELL] - Thumbnail
sxxx_fxxx • 12/29/2010 • 3.6

FlashTeaseHouse of Fun [Basement - HELL]

If you took a wrong turn somewhere... Or you were really really bad... You have ended up in HELL. Use the password from part 1 or 2 to enter HELL and recieve your punishment. Chance to cum.
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Edging for Kylie: Will She Let You Cum? - Thumbnail
bjboy4321 • 02/13/2014 • 3.7

Edging for Kylie: Will She Let You Cum?

This is my first attempt at a tease, so please let me know what you think!
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