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Edge and Denial Faproulette

Post by itslate » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:06 pm

Hey everybody!

I made an Edge and Denial Faproulette that includes teases and videos from this site. I hope you like it. It contains:
- Lots of edging
- chastity
- PC-muscle training
- no chance to cum in the first week or so

There are some mechanics in there that mask how difficult it really is to win. And as all Faproulettes, it is highly dependent on luck :yes:

So please leave your feedback here. I'd like to hear just how unlucky you can get. :whistle: Cheers!

https://www.faproulette.co/3865/milovan ... nd-denial/

Here are some modifications you can make to tune it to your preferences:

Easy Mode: Specials only affect V, W and X rolls.
Reasonable Mode: Specials don't affect the Z roll.
Impossible Mode: Change U0 so that it reads "U2-U9".
Spoiler: show
Impossible mode: Because of how evil "bad gambler" is and the very possible chain reaction effect, the game will become much more demanding per round AND winning (even after a couple of months) would be a miracle. Plus, due to U9, the longer the game goes on, the lower your chances of winning will become.
More Punishments: Change W1 to read "Y5" and add this rule: "When your W roll is lower than your coins, W is cumulative."
Joker: Add the rule: "You can spend two coins in any round, to do V5 instead of what the text of a single box says."

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